Course Objectives :

  • This qualification aims to provide a bridge into the industry. Learners who qualify can be employed as junior journalists.
  • They gather information from all media such as television, radio and newspapers, generate story ideas to present to news editors, receive and interact with story briefs, organise themselves going after stories, research backgrounds, make appointments and see people, observe, interview, judge news value, evaluate information, communicate, keep to strict deadlines, debrief, inform others, conduct follow-up meetings, develop story plans, write stories, check contexts and gaps in information, send stories to news editors, and follow-up their stories with the news editor, and plan. Competent junior journalists must be able to interact with other reporters, respect roles, have newsgathering instincts, and an insatiable curiosity


  • MS Outlook/ MS Mail/ MS Word
  • HIV/AIDS in the workplace
  • Journalistic Story Ideas
  • Perfomance Management
  • Journalism-Related tasks and generating journalistic material in an editorial environment
  • Write stories for a variety of journalistic purpose in print
  • Internet Explorer / Edge
  • Communication
  • Interviews
  • Gathering Information