What we do?

  • The three core business areas of ATTI College are teaching, research and community engagement. Our world-class research is spearheaded by the Research, Postgraduate Studies, Innovation and Commercialisation portfolio and community engagement by our Community Engagement and Outreach Policy. We also place great importance on the celebration and promotion of our African roots, arts and culture through various endeavours, Including I.T, Graphics, Fashion and Business.
  • The majority of our Graduates find employment
  • We also specialise in international courses with testing delivered through Pearson’s Vue and National Qualification


  • We offer a combination of career-oriented courses as well as generally formative academic programmes. Our rich tapestry of study disciplines includes I.T, Funeral services Practice, Journalism, Advertising and Busness Analysis Support Practice.


  • Research and innovation, the second of Unisa’s core areas of business, is spearheaded by the institution’s Research, Postgraduate Studies, Innovation and Commercialisation Portfolio. The primary responsibility of the portfolio is to advance the realisation of excellent research and innovative solutions that address important national and global questions, and to contribute to the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of South Africa.

Communicty Egagement

  • ATTI College has worked with various schools ( Rural Community Schools) scuh as Embonisweni Primary School. We have donated Computers and helped them with Vegetable gardens.